I let my husband fuck my friends.

My husband (Tom) and I have been swingers for a couple of years now. While we originally started out with other couples, I quickly learned that I love watching my husband fuck other women. Not just videos, like watching him actively fuck other women in front of me. It turns out, it’s even hotter when that other woman is my friend.

When I first found out about this kink, we tried playing with other women who we met in the lifestyle. While it was insanely hot to watch him fuck strangers, one day changed it all for me. One weekend I had my girlfriend staying with us as she was in town for work. My husband and I love having her around, she’s the life of the party. Friday night we didn’t do anything to crazy, just stayed in and had a few drinks before retiring for the night. Saturday though, we had a lot planned. We started the day with shopping. My husband begrudgingly came with us. I may have enticed him with a promise to go to his favorite lunch spot. Our first stop was to the mall. My husband said he was going to go to the sports store and that we should meet up around noon. My friend, let’s call her Brittany, and I went and started stopping into all types of stores. We then came up to a Victoria secret. “I need to go in here, I want some new outfits to where!” I said to Brittany. She agreed so we went in and started grabbing stuff. I wanted to try on a few bras and Brittany said she’ll come to be my judge as long as I judged her. We went into a dressing room and watching her remove her top and exposing her beautifully soft D cup breasts, I got aroused. I immediately thought “I’d love to watch Tom fuck you.” We tried on some bras and then I said “we should send a Snapchat to Tom and see what he says!” Brittany was actually eager to do it. I started taking a video of me in the mirror wearing jeans and a bra. Brittany then turned around showing off her new bra and smiled. I panned the camera to her and as I did, she pulled her bra down exposing her gorgeous breasts. I laughed then stopped recording. “Are you sure you’re okay with me sending that to him?” “Yeah I don’t care, I have nice tits why not share them!” I smiled and sent it his way.

As we left the store I told Brittany how I thought she was extremely sexy and how it turned me on that she let me send my husband her bare chest. “Out of curiosity, are you and Tom open?” My face went red, as I uttered “uhhh yeah, how’d you know?” “I had a thought you may be, the Snapchat we just sent him solidified that thought” she replied as she laughed. The conversation kind of stopped there but when we got to meeting up with Tom, his begrudged “I have to go shopping” face turned into “I just saw some beautiful tits” face. We all giggled and walked to get some lunch. As we were walking Tom quick ran into the bathroom. While we waited, Brittany said “you know I wouldn’t mind if you and Tom wanted to hook up with me.” I lit up like a kid on Christmas. “Thank god you said something because I didn’t have the stomach to ask you.” As Tom came out of the bathroom I said “Tom we have to go home I have a surprise.” “What about lunch?! I’m starving” he replied. “Trust me, this is worth it”. Convincing Tom to leave we drove home.

When we got home, I told Tom to wait in the living room. “We’ll be right back just stay right here” Brittany and I ran to my bedroom and quickly stripped down. We both put on our newly purchased lingerie and cracked the door open. “Tom can you come help us with something?” He came upstairs and opened the door the full way. “Oh my god.” He said. There he saw Brittany and I laying on the bed kissing one another in our lingerie. “Take your clothes off and fuck her” I said to him. Tom ripped his clothes off, and climbed onto the bed. I rolled off of Brittany and laid there rubbing my pussy. They began making out while rubbing each others bodies. Then Brittany grabbed his cock and guided it into her beautiful pink pussy. He began to thrust. I laid there watching him fuck her and it made me feel so incredibly complete. I rubbed my clit, completely dripping wet at this point. Brittany moaned with pleasure while Tom thrusted his thick cock in and out. At this point I had already cum several times. I got on my knees and intervened by kissing Brittany and sucking her nipples. I then started nibbling on Tom’s ear and whispering to him “you like fucking my friend? You better fill her up with your cum.” As I said that Tom erupted and came deep inside Brittany. I happily cleaned her pussy up. Making sure to lick any cum dripping out. It was a successful session, followed by many more.


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