My [M31] very first time at and Asian massage parlor, unexpectedly got a happy ending

My [M31] first time at an Asian Massage Parlor [FM]

Recently I had been having some back pain in my lower back. I do a lot of extra exercising like running and the tower for extra cardio. I was looking for a dry cleaning place following my GPS when I found the place I was looking for was closed. As I was pulling out to go to another place I found on google I seen the “ Asian full body massage “ sign.

I thought of how my back had been feeling and thought to myself it couldn’t be a bad idea. I’ve never been to one and wanted to see what the fuss was about. I go inside and a middle aged but cute Asian lady comes out and asks if I want massage. I said yes my back, pointing at my back as I didn’t think she knew too much English. I started to walk to where she was and she points to the atm machine in the lobby. I look at the sign and see that a half hour is like forty bones. I decide to pull sixty out for good measure. I walk back and she says something along the lines, “ all clothe off” I replied back all off? She said “yes”. I get down to my boxers and she walks in just as I started to get my shorts off. I’m not shy so I get onto the table.

She covers my butt with a towel and gets to work. Massaging me all over, head to toe. Literally. She doesn’t shy away from touching me anywhere and I’m totally comfortable with it. She asks if I want oil and I say yes. She grabs my boxers and asks “ this ok?” I said yes not knowing she was pulling them off me. She continued with oil all over and it felt absolutely amazing.

Then came the flip. She had long since removed the towel covering me. I rolled over and was 75% hard. She giggled as she wrapped a paper towel around it full grasp. I kinda felt in that moment that if she did grab it I wouldn’t stop her. She massages my chest lightly, my arms and hands, then out of no where grabs it. Perfectly she was grabbing it so the tip of her thumb could tease the bottom of the head of my cock. She asks “ this ok?” I shook my head yea as I bit my lip. She asked if I wanted oil which going along with everything else I said yes.

She wraps both hands around my throbbing cock and let me tell you, I was going to cum for her or she wouldn’t quit until I did. She was twisting her hands slightly and gliding past the head with her upper hand. She began cupping my balls. Unintentionally I grabbed her hip. She looks at me and I thought I had made a big mistake, until she says “ you touch me to” once she said that it was game on. I reached up her shirt and under her bra. Her supple tits felt great in my hand. The more she stroked my rock hard cock the more greedy I became with wanting more. I grabbed the button to her shorts, this time I asked if this was ok and she fell in suit and said yes, I hand her little jean shorts unbuttoned and soft silk panties pulled to the side instantly.

Gawd was her pussy soft, very small low trimmed “V” of hair above it. Her clit was to die for. She was soaking wet and I knew I didn’t wanna risk having raw sex with her but I was on the verge of giving in. As I’m playing with her pussy I can’t help but begin to edge to cumming. I didn’t say a word and as I began pumping ropes out she let out a soft giggle and kept stroking me making sure she got every bit of it out. My legs were shaking. She cleaned me up with a hot towel and I gave her a hefty tip. I’ll be going back next week !


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