the largest I have ever had

I was single for the majority of my university years. This gave me the chance to enjoy myself a small, explore the waters, and experiment with new things.

My companion hosted friends one evening. I went outside to meet these two attractive men and her. She claimed that she had anticipated a few more men, but they left.

We started chatting and drinking, and since one of the individuals was obviously interested in her, I normally talked to the other man more. The other man and I walked to the home to get another take as soon as my companion and her boyfriend started making out on the sofa.

We could hear footsteps and the door to my roommate’s place shut as well as moaning coming from the living room.

Well, it looks like it’s just you and me afternoon, the man said.

I grinned and replied,” I guess now.”

He surprised me by approaching me, bending down, and kissing me. He picked me up and placed me on the shop as we started making out in the restaurant. He raised my garment so that my lips were visible. He grabbed one and began sucking the other as he peered down at them.

I started to groan as I reached for his trousers and undid the buttons, which he did. I knew I was in for a treat based on the design of his shorts. While I was still on the desk, he removed my underwear and underwear. He dove into my dripping damp nipple while spreading my arms. He moved his lips against my cheeks as he slid two fingertips in.

He now spread me out a little bit by sliding three palms. His finger was dripping with me. By this stage, I’m yelling and rubbing my eyes against my lips. I want to make sure you can take me in this pretty little nipple, he said after inserting his fourth finger.

For illustration’s sake, I am 5’1″. My mouth is very short, and I am large.

I had to look at it. I knelt down and pulled down his athletes, revealing this enormous 8-inch shaft. It was not only much, but it also had the diameter of a soda can.

I exclaimed,” Fuck my little pussy ,” as I struggled to swallow it.

It didn’t take long for him to pick me up and carry me to my chamber. He spread my legs out on my bed before sliding his rule inside. I screamed with delight as he tore me apart.

He spread me farther than ever before, inch by inch. He moaned,” This is my lips now ,” and pushed the rest of himself inside of me as he stared into my eyes. It hurt terribly. He was being covered in my juice as my mouth was dripping around him.

I had never felt anything like where he was hitting. He slammed outside of me and started rubbing my cheeks. I hurried over to it and squirted. That had never before occurred. As he went in and out more quickly, I screamed louder. rubbing my hole, rummaging through my breasts, and sucking my napkins. I was ecstatic.

He then started fucking me pup after flipping me over. It intensified further. He shoved his finger into my ass and used my own juices as lube to slide it outside. He started fucking me faster and harder while using that as some sort of hand, and he said,” Oh, I’m going to poop, where do you want me to sum?”

I only wanted it inside of me at that precise instant. His poop and painful, enormous mouth are filling me.

I yelled,” Stuff my mouth!”

He then let out a loud cry and pushed firmly inside of me. His internal impulse was audible to me. I rolled over as he slid out. I let out a torrent of his ejaculate.

He slid 4 fingers into my cheeks and began to kiss it once more. He now inserted five palms. I started to groan once more.

Your mouth now wants my peter so badly, he said.

He was correct, too. We messed up once more a few weeks ago.

What a wonderful evening.


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